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We've got MINI

English Bulldogs

Mr.Bulky Built MARRIED Ms. Saints & Sinners....

In Case You're Wondering Why We Use Both Kennel Names



Pups come Pre-Spoiled, Demanding, Attention Seeking, Nippy and only Partially Potty Trained... apple doesn't fall far from the tree (ME)

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About Us

I, Gina, have always been obsessed with animals of all sorts, came upon an add on Craigslist. I frequently browsed reptiles and birds to check out the local pet action. I had since adopted every dog belonging to my extended family, thus steered clear of the 'Dogs'. Low and behold, a cute white puppy with red patches, a short muzzle but not so small. She stole my heart, was she a bulldog?
And that's where it all happened, my obsession with this beautiful, athletic and alluring breed. Over the years I've gained an insatiable curiosity. I learn and grow, and with each production, I come closer to creating my idea of an Olde English Bulldogge. Along the way I met my husband, Chris "BULKY BUILT" Moore, a fierce competitor in the show ring and breeding forum, my true confidant. Together and along with some like minded friends, we've successfully started a movement pledging to breed better and demanding the competition do the same.
We only register our dogs with the AMERICAN BULLY KENNEL CLUB, a professional registry with the same mission. Please join us in our quest to out do ourselves every generation and to give these beauties the glory and recondition they deserve.

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